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December 28, 2018

The Risk Factors of the Real Estate (I)


People who want buy a house often pays attention to the location, buying a shop is more particular about the location, while the rent and price may vary greatly. Therefore, in the site selection of the shop, it is necessary to conduct a detailed investigation and analysis of the site to achieve the intended purpose. galvanized steel pipes

The locations of shops are generally divided into three categories. The first category is the mature central business circle–the area with the most active economic activities. Such areas are often the most popular, most dynamic, and have the most rental needs. The second category is the business circle in the formation. These areas are close to large residential areas or employment centers (business office buildings or economic development zones that can absorb large numbers of employed people), and the pipeline network of transportation, communication, and infrastructure is developed. The third category is inside the residential community. The complete range of residential facilities is also equivalent to increasing the amount of resources and options available to people. The latter two categories should be the investment focus of the average investor.